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Steve Van Bakel

Steve was the publisher at Tall Tales Press where he published eight books including two that he personally wrote: Being Dad - Fathering After Separation and Divorce and The Nights the Lights Went Out on Santa.  Steve was the editor of four short story anthologies called Tall Tales and Short Stories which featured the winning stories from the Annual Hidden Talents Short Stories contests that attracted new writers from around the world. 

Steve spent ten years as a medic in the Canadian Army where he served as a peacekeeper in war-torn Bosnia.  He spent four months working as a medic on an expedition ship in the Antarctic where four of those days were spent being held hostage by the Russian Mafia. (This is the inspiration behind his up coming novel, Cape Disappointment.)  He ran medical clinics in third world parts of Mexico where he treated those who had no access to modern medical care.  For fifteen years he worked the streets of Calgary, Alberta as a paramedic with ten of those years as a paramedic on the Police TAC/SWAT team. Most recently, he managers at a world-class cancer care facility in Calgary. 

His love for adventure sports started at eighteen when he first jumped out of a perfectly good airplane just to impress a girl.  Since then he has been involved in skiing, hang gliding, scuba diving, rock climbing, mountaineering, sailing, motorcycling, kiteboarding and kayaking.  It is understandable why Steve’s favorite saying is, “If you're not living on the edge, you are taking up space!”

Steve's love for travel started at a young age as he did cross-country camping trips with his family.  Since then he has continued his love of road trips but he has traded in his cramped spot in the backseat stuck between two sisters for a more comfortable seat on a motorcycle.  He’s covered a good part of North America with major trips from; Toronto to Victoria, Toronto to Halifax, Toronto to Key West, Calgary to L.A. and Vegas, Calgary to Alaska and down the Inside Passage, and a month-long trip covering 23 States and 2 Provinces and over 15,000 km. He’s travelled extensively for work and for pleasure and has seen many countries in Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and parts of South America.  Steve uses a large world map to pin all the places he has been and though it is a great way to keep track of where he’s been, it's also a stark reminder of how many more places are left to see.  He believes that travel is an important part of learning about ourselves and the world we live in.  

Most recently, Steve, Kim and Grace have purchased a small, off-road, pop-up camper they call Lllyod. New kayaks complete the new mode of adventure and we look forward to a life of camping and kayaking across this great continent. The goal will be to one day hit the road full-time so that we can spend more time in each place to fully appreciate all that it has to offer.  

Kim Tuttle

 Partner in crime and adventure enthusiast. Kim is known for her candy feeding and photography skills from the back of the moving motorcycle while seeking out adventure across the country. She’s a paddling partner and back-up guide for getting the camper into tight campsites. But most  importantly, she is a life partner because all great adventures are better with a partner in crime.

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Humanity has advanced due to two very important aspects of life; adventure and travel.  These two aspects of life have been instilled in human existence since the dawn of time.  Early man left his cave in search of adventure and the great hunt that would keep the clan fed.  Then, when the animals moved on to find greener pastures, man packed up their belongings and travelled a short distance behind the herd.  At that point adventure and travel were strictly a means of survival. 

As humans evolved adventure and travel became a way to seek out new knowledge and understanding about the world they lived in.  The great explorers ventured out to sail across the seas in magnificent wooden ships in search of new worlds.  Once they had mapped out this world, man reached for the stars to explore other worlds. The first step was landing a man on the moon.  Once that goal was obtained, they set their eyes further out and sent probes to Mars in hopes of one day landing there as well.

Today, adventure and travel are more hobbies and past-times for most people around the world.  With the advancement in technology and transportation we can now explore different aspects of our planet through our computers and then within hours we can be on a plane exploring our world firsthand.  We now go to great efforts to seek out new ways to satisfy our need for adventure.  Life itself is an adventure but there are some who go to the extremes in search of the ultimate adventure.  This may mean travelling to unknown parts of the world or using different means of getting there such as motorcycles or kayaks.  Adventure is also sought out through an extensive array of extreme sports such as skydiving, skiing, scuba diving and motocross to name a few.  For some extreme is not enough, so they push the limits by taking extreme sports to the next level with adventures such as BASE Jumping, kitesurfing.

The Write Adventure is geared towards all those who desire to make travel and adventure a big part of their life.  Here is your chance to find adventure and travel writing, both fiction and non-fiction to spur your interests on.  Use the site to help decide on or plan your next adventure or use it just to escape routine life and motivate you to find a means for adding more adventure in your life.