Adventure and travel writing

Gambier Island, from Landale


Location: Hopkins Landing is just a couple minutes west of the Landale ferry terminal.

Launch: Hopkins Landing

Parking: Very limited parking on Hopkins Landing landings road.  We stayed the night on Gambier so we were lucky to find parking here.  Our next option after much searching was to drop the kayaks off at Hopkins Landing and then park in the Landale Ferry lot and walk back.


Facilities: No facilities near Hopkin's Landing

Drinking water / Food:   No food or water near the Landing but Gibsons is just a few minutes down road.

Notes:  Beautiful scenery backdropped by magnificent mountains.  Gambier would be a very long paddle to do in a day, especially if you entered the numerous bays.  Rocky shorelines make stopping hard but we found a rocky beach with very friendly home owns that allowed us to stop for lunch.  Pay attention to the coming and going of the ferries and avoid getting into their path.  We had no problem finding plenty of time to cross the ferry path without feeling rushed.

Keats Island, from Gibsons


Location: Gibsons is located on the Sunshine Coast about 10 minutes west of the Langdale ferry terminal.

Launch: From Gibsons Marina.

Parking: Free parking at marina with permission from the staff.

Facilities: Washrooms available at the marina.

Drinking water / Food:  Food and water available close by.

Notes:  Circumnavigating Keats is about a 3.5 hour paddle from the Gibsons Marina.  The shores of Keats are rocky with many private residences making it hard to find a spot to stop for lunch.  We found a nice stony beach on the south west end of the island that offered a great place to stop for lunch.

Pender Harbour, from Maderia


Location: Pender Harbour is the name of the harbour but there is no town by the same name.  The main areas around the Harbour are Garden Bay and Madeira Park.

Launch: Madeira Park Marina 

Parking: Limited free parking available near the marina with additional parking on the road and by the school close by.

Facilities: Washrooms, with pay showers and running water available at the marina.

Drinking water / Food:  Food and water available close by.

Notes:  Pender Harbour is a great place to go and look at spectacular homes and boats in a protected calm body of water.  Don't miss the shipwreck to the south east of Madeira Park Marina along with a number of old and interesting ships that you can paddle right up to.  The shores are very rocky with private residences covering a majority of the shoreline making it hard to find a place to stop for a break. We paddled the south west section of the harbour in the morning and returned to the marina for lunch.  Then did the north east sections later in the day.

Porpoise Bay, from Sechelt


Location: Approximately 25 minutes west of the Landale Ferry with the tip of the bay reaching Sechelt.

Launch: Many different areas to launch from including the marina in Sechelt but we put in at Lambs Bay and Porpoise Bay Provincial Park.

Parking:  Free parking at both sites though very limited amount of space at Lambs Bay.

Facilities: Outhouse at Lambs Bay and full washrooms with running water at the Provincial Park.


Drinking water / Food:  Nothing available at Lambs Bay.  The Provincial Park has running water but no food so come prepared for both locations.

Notes:  The provincial park has a nice sandy beach and picnic area and Lambs Bay had a small rocky beach to take a break.  Finding other areas for a break may be challenging.  Watch for float planes landing and taking off near the end of the bay by Sechelt.